Birth of the Rebellion

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It is a time of stark contrasts for the First Galactic Empire.

In the 8 years since Palpatine came to power, the wealthy and powerful have remained so, but many others face tyranny and poverty. Crime and piracy are rampant. Without the Jedi Order, the Senate must rely only on the Imperial Military, which truly answers only to Palpatine himself.

Having destroyed or subsumed all those with the power to oppose him during The Clone Wars, Palpatine has focused on securing his power in the Senate and with the few remaining economic powers. With the creation of the Corporate Sector, most industry and trade are now under his control.

Many have come to see what he truly represents, but they exist only as feeble voices in the Senate or as isolated groups of resistance to Imperial rule. Those with any remaining power have been coddled and shielded from this harsh reality by the Imperium.

Secure in these accomplishments, Palpatine is ready to move on to his next phase - the demilitarization of all Imperial Star Systems. Under the guise of establishing a blanket of protection for all, he prepares to announce his grand plan to expand the Imperial Fleet and take over policing of all spacelanes and trade routes. To curb the scourge of piracy, he will announce that all independent production of military equipment will cease.

But his secret has been discovered. Senator Organa, long seeking to unite the disparate pockets of resistance, finally has the impetus he needs. With the knowledge of Palpatine's plans, he has at last given them all a reason to work together before it is finally too late.

Bold plans are set forth, and brave beings from all across the Galaxy come together to see to it that Freedom does not die without a fight...