Star Wars

The predominance of our storylines will likely be part of the Star Wars universe. Why?  Because this is where D6 System began, and from those simple, humble beginnings came a fast, easy, flexible system that has provided our gaming groups with years of fun.

That said, these stories try to keep within the universe and rough timeline from the Only Three Star Wars Movies: Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi.

We hold to the light/dark, good/evil view of Star Wars, where Right from Wrong is an important choice to be made in the lives of the characters.  Is there grey?  Yes, but those who reside there must eventually choose a side.  Thus, unless it is a storyline explicitly made for "evil" characters (and those are rare), the characters are expected to ultimately make a choice, Light Side of the Force, or Dark Side.

So, get ready to choose, and take part in stories designed to evoke the adventure, combat, and fun of the Star Wars universe.