• What's with the name?

    Well, it's catchy and punny, and includes the name of the system we love.

  • Who are you guys?

    Nerds. Aging nerds who love the D6 system and want to keep it alive. If you want more info, see the Bios section.

  • Why D6?

    Our RPG group has played a lot of systems over the years. When it comes to just having good old FUN, we've gone back to D6 time and again. Of course, it doesn't hurt that we use it to play Star Wars, which is an amazing universe to play in.

    But overall, it comes down to balance. In our opinion, D6 does a great job of staying out of the way of Role Playing and fun, while still doing a great job of handling task and conflict resolution. It's simple, doesn't bog you down in math, and doesn't replace Role Playing with Roll Playing. It's also flexible enough to handle new situations by applying some common sense to the existing rules.

  • So why D6 First Edition?

    Partially it's a bias of having played it the most, but mostly it's a matter of looking at Second Ed/Revised and thinking "This seems unnecessary."

    Don't get us wrong, games should evolve and improve, we just didn't like some of the evolution in this case. Besides, even the base West End Star Wars book says to play it your way.

    (Editorial Note: I despise the Wild Die. More on that [here.])

  • So you don't like other systems?

    Sure we do! Lots of systems, actually, and a few we've even talked about integrating later on, assuming this takes off.

  • Why did you decide to start this?

    We've attended GenCon and had a great time, but we didn't see as much of the "Beer and Pretzels" style games as we'd hoped. Rather than complain about it, we decided we'd just do what we could to revitalize it.

    Other groups are also out there keeping D6 alive, and we had a ball playing some of those games. We just wanted to do the same thing with our particular twist, since we didn't see much First Ed gaming going on.

    Besides, the more folks using the system, the better!

  • Are you guys part of a larger organization?

    Nope. Not yet, anyway. But we're also not exclusive - we love playing with other folks, experiencing their creativity. The way we see it, there's no reason for any rivalry or anything like that - we're all gamers!

  • Any partnerships on the horizon?

    Not as of right now, but we're just starting out. In the future, who knows?

  • What's your experience?

    Actually, fair enough. We're putting ourselves out there, after all.

    Lots and lots of RPGs over a long period of time. Making mistakes. Learning what's fun, what's universe appropriate (eg, Dune is not Toon!). Trying systems of various complexity. Tweaking those systems. Learning that in an RPG, EVERYONE deserves to have fun.

    You know, spending weekends guzzling soda and eating stuff that's barely classified as food with our friends, creating shared stories.

  • What's the atmosphere like in your games?

    We try very hard to emulate the Star Wars movies. To be specific, probably The Empire Strikes Back more than the others. What's going on is deadly serious, but that doesn't prevent the characters from engaging in humor, or prevent funny things from happening. And lots of action.

    Now, to answer what you MAY be asking, we think the only good use for an Ewok is as an implement to knock a Gungan out of an airlock.

  • What's the setting?

    The time period is about 10 years before A New Hope. We want to explore what happens before the stories we know. How did the Rebellion come to be?

  • Haven't books answered that?

    Ah - the Expanded Universe. Excellent question. In short, we don't really pay attention to that stuff. As a matter of fact, we're pretty liberal with how much of Episodes I-III we pay attention to as well.

  • Wait, what?

    We base our games on the universe as presented in Episodes IV-VI. The things from Ep I-III that make sense and don't contradict IV-VI we keep. Some of the other stuff, we ignore.

    This is because that's what we grew up with, and because numerical titles aside, IV-VI came first.

  • Can I bring in my own character?

    Maybe. It's mostly about power level, and partially about group balance. We do reserve the right to make a final call on this issue.

  • Are there limitations on what character templates we can play?

    Yes and no. We haven't decided to throw any of them out, but we will limit how many of each type per game/party. To paraphrase an aphorism, "Too many Jedi spoil the soup."

    Since this is Con gaming, we've done our best to design the adventures around a wide variety of group makeups, but if everyone wants to be an Old Senatorial, that just won't work. Not enough variety in the skills.

  • Can we reserve a character template?

    What we're thinking right now is that if we have multiple people who want to do the same template and we simply can't make it work, we'll have a Roll Off at the table. High roll gets first choice. This isn't set in stone yet. Hell, at this point, we don't even know if we'll be running official games!

  • Will you have pre-generated characters, or can we work with you ahead of time to create a character?

    That's really two questions.

    As long as you're not looking to play one of the more troublesome templates, we'd be more than glad to work with you ahead of time. The less we have to do at the table, the better.

    We will also have completely pre-generated characters, partially fleshed out characters and scratch-build options available.

    We do want to encourage folks that sign up ahead of time to contact us to see if we can get some of the characters generated before GenCon. That saves precious gaming time and allows us to plan better.

  • Does this frikkin' FAQ ever END?

    Spoilsport.  8)